Is it Vibes? Or is it Jesus?


I’ve noticed that a lot of folks are on these socials spreading “healing vibes” and “love and light”.  It’s started to make me wonder…why don’t they just “spread some JESUS?” Now granted, I am WELL AWARE that everyone on the planet doesn’t believe in OUR SAVIOR Jesus.  In a time where no one wants to offend or be offended, some have reconciled to “sending vibes and love and light.” It used to bother me when I would read that in the comment sections or on social media posts.  But honestly, (ain’t NOBODY got time to be “innanet hurt” behind some comments or a post, mmmkay!) isn’t that EXACTLY WHO JESUS IS? LOVE, LIGHT, and THE HEALER? 

*We (believers and non-believers) need to do better about getting offended over every single thing anyway* But I digress, these are just some thoughts I had and it reminded me of a story…

Well it’s not a story exactly...

Just keep reading…

My daughter’s father would call me “champ?” over the phone when we were married. (It used to annoy the mess out of me!)  I thought it was such an ambiguous term for the woman that he married. It wasn’t cutesy or endearing. It was a ruse and a cover-up for who I really was when he was with “other company.” It would’ve caused too much trouble and “someone” would have had too many questions if he called me “honey” “babe” or “love”.  I would even liken this to when you may date someone and while you are romantically involved, you just call this person your “friend” (insert side eye). I believe that we use these “alternative names” in a way to not offend and tread lightly around others who may not share the same beliefs. Perhaps we use other names to cover up or disconnect from our connection to and acknowledgement of JESUS.  

While it isn’t lost on me that my personal example was one rooted in the intent to deceive (COME THROUGH HOLY SPIRIT AND FISH OIL!!) and I don’t think that people commenting on social media are intending to deceive others or cover up their “secret” love of Christ; I do believe that people are around here running from Jesus and running toward cheap knockoffs packaged as “love and light” and “vibes”.

I don’t mean to stay atop a soapbox BUT, what is it about JESUS that has folks so bent out of shape that they won’t openly acknowledge Him?  Is it our culture? Is it fear? Is it “church hurt”? Is it “us Christians” out here giving Jesus a bad name? Not that HIS name could EVER be bad…it’s just what others who haven’t come to a saving knowledge may associate with Jesus, especially since those of “us” who “say” we love and follow Jesus certainly aren’t acting like it!

So while I know those folks really do “mean well”. It makes me wonder why not Jesus?  He loves you, He died for you, and He rose from the dead so that we can be in a committed relationship with Him and OUR FATHER through the Holy Spirit. I can’t help but to give HIM all the praise for how HE has moved in MY LIFE and SAVED MY SOUL! 

He’s absolutely more than a vibe, Jesus is my LOVE, my LIGHT, and my HEALING!


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