Balance is Key…Right?

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Today,  I’m coming from a No Frills Zone.

What’s this “No Frills Zone”,  You ask?

It’s when you get some truth.  A little gem that just sparks a new perspective on how I approach situations.

In a time of being “every woman” and working to balance a million different things, I offer an encouraging note…

Drop the ball sometimes.

Not with the important stuff like feeding your kids, spending time with family, and paying your bills on time, but with the small stuff. Like caring about perfection. and beating yourself up because you tripped and fell into a bag of Zapps Voodoo chips (or four).

I’m pledging to stop being a victim of “seeking balance.”  In an effort to juggle all the things, I find that it’s much easier to just let the ball drop.

The ability or the pursuit to do all things great IS NOT BALANCE!  It’s the pursuit of “balance” by that definition that has people stressed out, unfulfilled, and missing out on peace.

I joined another gym challenge (yes, another one. Don’t judge me) in hopes that I’d be in the position to get lean and mean in time for the summer.

You know summer bodies are made in winter, right? *insert sarcastic eyeroll*

I really put very little thought into joining the gym challenge this time (and the last time too).  And I know I didn’t pray about joining this gym challenge…I simply felt like it was something that I wanted to do that would help me acheive a goal.

I can tell you now that what I’ve learned and decided is that a gym challenge isn’t going to “fix” me.

I’ve been attempting to juggle being a mom, going to the gym, saving money, living debt free, serving God (you see where this falls on “the list”), being a good teacher, pursuing law school, making connections with people (read platonic friendships NOT dating), staying up to date regarding politics and social justice movements, eating right, decluttering, drinking enough water, finding a new vitamin to take, cleaning out my storage unit, reading books…you know I could go on and on!

So I’ve decided to let some of these things fall off the list.  I haven’t been going to the gym or eating “right”.  I haven’t been paying attention to politics (which as a civics teacher, has left me getting information from my students to fact check later or asking dr. google when the students have a question about something they’ve seen in the news), and I certainly haven’t found a new vitamin, or been drinking my water…

I know, I know, 99 percent of the world would call this prioritizing…

I wasn’t prioritizing some things.  AND THAT IS OKAY!

As I reflect on this season (since January),  I have been focused on being a mom, saving money, pursuing law school and my professional commitments, and serving God.

*yes, I feel bad that I typed serving God last.

I’m being honest here, remember “NO FRILLS” also should read “NO JUDGEMENT” (go on ahead and skip over to Matthew 7:1) Even this short list is evidence of the battle between my list and surrendering to God’s list.

I offer the idea that seeking God FIRST, using discernment, prayer, pursuing His guidance, patience, and peace, may have kept me from joining yet another gym challenge.   Allowing God to set the agenda may have led to me joining the challenge but helped to strengthen my resolve to make it a priority without it being a “burden”.

I believe that God allows us to go down these roads, seeking a whole host of things, creating our lists, and creating these idols in our lives, ultimately to show us that without Him, there is chaos.

I’m giving up the pursuit of balance in exchange for peace and prayer.  Taking my list to God and dropping the ball on some things.

I’m removing the former working definition of “balance” from my vocabulary and striving for SEEKING and SERVING God FIRST!!!

That doesn’t mean that I can’t do the other things.  That means that I do all of the things through the lens of serving God.  Raising the daughter He has called me to steward over to be a godly woman.  Being a steward over the finances He has blessed me with to be in a better position to continue to serve Him, using the education that He has helped me get to help others.  Taking better care of the body He gave me to be able to do what he has called me to do.

SO maybe balance really IS NOT A THING.  Maybe it’s some elusive goal that isn’t rooted in TRUTH.

Maybe it’s different for everyone (I can’t imagine I’m the only person who imagined balance as juggling ALL. THE. THINGS.).

Prioritizing God over everything will bring peace…which is what I have been seeking.


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