Crybaby Courtney

Hello. I’m Courtney, and I’m a crybaby (and I love bitmoji, btw).

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a TOTAL CRYBABY.

I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember.

I mean seriously, at the drop of a hat.

I cry when I’m happy, sad, grateful, troubled, convicted, watching Beaches, moved by The Spirit, mad, currently breathing on a day that ends in the letter “y”.  (You’re picking up what I’m putting down, right?)

I really wear my emotions on my sleeve.

I used to wish that I had tougher skin.  That I could “hide” my emotions.  That I could just “put on” a happy face because that’s what “good Christians do.”

God has shown me throughout my marriage, becoming a mother, and the divorce process that crying is okay.  Crying is good.  Being vulnerable in your praise of God and the revelation of his Word in your life is excellent.

We all go through Valley of Baca situations.  In Psalms 84, the Psalmist is longing to worship in God’s Temple.  Don’t get me wrong (I am NO theologian) I speak from the experience that God has walked me through. I am a woman who has experienced and continues to experience the love, joy, grace, peace, and mercy of Jesus Christ in my life, but I KNOW for myself that longing to worship God in a broken state, in the Valley of Weeping, as I pass through the times of heartache, sadness, and darkness; these times are temporary.  God continues to strengthen me.

How do I know this? It’s right there in the Scripture.

“How lovely are Your dwelling places, O LORD of hosts! My soul (my life, my inner self) longs for and greatly desires the courts of the LORD; My heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God. The bird has found a house, And the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young– Even Your altars, O LORD of hosts, My King and my God. Blessed and greatly favored are those who dwell in Your house and Your presence; They will be singing Your praises all the day long. Selah. Blessed and greatly favored is the man whose strength is in You, In whose heart are the highways to Zion. Passing through the Valley of Weeping ( Baca), they make it a place of springs; The early rain also covers it with blessings. They go from strength to strength [increasing in victorious power]; Each of them appears before God in Zion. O LORD God of hosts, hear my prayer; Listen, O God of Jacob! Selah. See our shield, O God, And look at the face of Your anointed [the king as Your representative]. For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand [anywhere else]; I would rather stand [as a doorkeeper] at the threshold of the house of my God Than to live [at ease] in the tents of wickedness. For the LORD God is a sun and shield; The LORD bestows grace and favor and honor; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. O LORD of hosts, How blessed and greatly favored is the man who trusts in You [believing in You, relying on You, and committing himself to You with confident hope and expectation].”

‭‭PSALM‬ ‭84:1-12‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Now don’t skim over that…read it.

Read it again.

What a MIGHTY GOD to serve! To praise. To worship. God sees every tear.  Not only does He see every tear but has already purposed your Valley of Weeping situation to give you STRENGTH,  to BLESS you, to shower you with FAVOR!!!

All you have to do is trust Him.

How often do you long to worship in the presence of God?

Will you be a crybaby for God?


Psalm 126:5

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.”

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5 thoughts on “Crybaby Courtney

  1. I am a crybaby too, dear heart! I am DEFINITELY picking up what YOU are putting down! I agree that the Lord has purposed us for trials; the gift is that Romans 8:28 STILL STANDS. He will work every tear and difficulty to bring glory to himself and blessing to US. Christians that are strong arrived at that strength because they carried heavy things. Praise to the ONE that protects and loves us completely in our travels within the “valley of tears.”

  2. I love this Courtney….you will forever be my crybaby ? I always know who I can shed a tear with. #priceless

  3. Amazing testimony of what an Amazing God will do with out humbled brokenness. Continue to live for Him and He will continue to use your brokenness to touch many lives for His glory.
    I’ll be a crybaby! Thank you for sharing! Love you soooo much

  4. Tears of joy to see the work of the Lord in and through you. To God be the Glory. Crying right now…she gets it honestly.

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